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Inventions with revolutionary engineering design

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Celtic Lines focuses on invention! Whatever the problem, it has a solution, and if a suitable one does not exist in the wide range of products already available in the World, we will design the right solution for you. The approach we take combines practicality with your requirements, in every industry, for improved safety and effectivity. The overriding concept is that safety need not be a drain on profits, on the contrary - it can be used effectively to improve all aspects of industry, so that the bottom line is better than ever. We do not advertise, so you will only find us on the Internet, on the Baltic Exchange, or simply by recommendation. As it is our business to invent things for others – we do not manufacture ourselves. This means that there are some of our inventions, those that have not yet been commissioned, that are available to anyone who wishes to purchase a licence for manufacturing. If you see something on this site that you feel would benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly, or through our agents “Inventions”, where Mr Colin Cramphorn, or Mr. Donald Crawford will be happy to assist you. All our items are patented so can only be manufactured under licence. From time to time Celtic Lines will offer new inventions, processes, ideas, and products to potential interested parties by direct communication. On these occasions, we guarantee that only a few people will be approached.

This invention relates to a Lighter-than-Air Airship, preferably comprising a semi-rigid hull filled with lighter-than-air gas This invention relates to a Lighter-than-Air Airship, preferably comprising a semi-rigid hull filled with lighter-than-air gas Read more here

Areas of Operation

Celtic Lines does not restrict itself to any specific area. We will look at any industry, situation, or product that can benefit from a new idea, safety, or other improvements. Current International Patents Pending, applied for through the UK Patent Office include: -  

A new method of escape from high-rise buildings. An airship. A toy. An adaptation of a fishing reel that allows the disabled to fish, up to a competitive standard, on an equal footing. The Pile-Breaker - a hydraulic machine to eradicate the possibility of white finger in specific areas of the construction industry. A coating method of ship fabrication to prevent oil spillages and improve salvage procedures in bulk transportation. Of course, there are others and new ones are on the way, but then again we all have our little secrets, don’t we? 

Technical and Financial Consultancy 

Under certain conditions, we are willing to undertake investigation and consultancy when asked. These services are directed specifically towards companies who have problems and have decided that things must change. The change management, or financial consultancies are charged at standard fees, however, if a new product is developed by Celtic Lines and the client wishes to use it, then they will be charged royalties for the product. 

Residence of Partnership 

All aspects of Celtic Lines are run from the UK and subject to UK Law. All Patents are filled via UK Patent Office, so that records of everything done are available to the authorities in one place for easy traceability.